At Beacon Community Management, we’re happy to explain and facilitate Estoppel Certificates or Letters. For more information read on below, or to have your Estoppel Certificate Prepared, please complete the form.

Preparation of Estoppel Certificate

What are Estoppel Letters?

When purchasing a home in an homeowner’s association, the lender requires an estoppel letter from the HOA disclosing any outstanding due owed to the homeowner’s association. Estoppel letters are still required when there are no outstanding fees.

To request your Estoppel Letter, please complete the form, and our team will create the necessary document.

Outstanding Fees

When an Estoppel Letter indicates fees are due, the property’s seller must pay them off and provide a payoff letter from the homeowner’s association. Estoppel letters are legally binding, once issued an HOA cannot collect an additional balance.

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