About Beacon Community Management

Integrity, accountability and diligence are the cornerstones of Beacon Community Management, a full-service community management company based in Orlando, Florida.
We pride ourselves on consistently delivering service that exceeds the standards of the most attentive Homeowners Association. Integrity is intrinsic to the way we do business, accountability is indispensable in providing the best possible service to our communities, and diligence is essential to identifying and resolving our clients’ security and maintenance issues.

Beacon’s management team are all licensed LCAMs with backgrounds in Customer Relations, Management, and Real Estate Development. We know that a well-managed community is essential to protecting your family’s safety and your investment. We diligently monitor security and maintenance issues and take pride in working with the Board to resolve them quickly. We are prompt and responsive, and our personnel are highly knowledgeable, personable, and professional, completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

As active Board members in our own communities, we uniquely understand the role of a management company from your perspective. Dissatisfied with our own community’s property management companies, we became a new kind of leader in the industry.

We believe that our attention to detail and excellent execution differentiate us from the competition. We have observed that most community management companies over-promise and under-deliver, failing to provide the hands-on approach required to achieve positive results.Consequently, much of the workload devolves to the very board members who hired them.

We are sensitive to the fact that you voluntarily dedicate your own time and energy to serve your community. You deserve a management company that matches your commitment by providing superior service designed to ease your burden and maximize the effectiveness of your Board. Once an issue has been discussed and voted upon, the Board has done its job and the responsibility then lies with Beacon to carry out the Board’s directives.

We believe in managing a few select communities extremely well, rather than managing a large portfolio of properties in mediocre fashion. You can rest assured that your community won’t be lost in the shuffle and that you’ll receive the personal attention you deserve.

Our goal is simple: to create a volunteer experience for your Board that is positive and effective, increasing the level of participation and strengthening your community for years to come. We sincerely hope that the Board will accept our proposal. We would be honored to serve your community.